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Pumper Parts Item OEM Item Description

PP02-3510-99 02-3510-99 Muffler, 1/2"
PP02-3700-08 02-3700-08 Piston, Inner, Non-PTFE, Alloy
PP02-3701-01 02-3701-01 Piston, Inner, Non-PTFE, Aluminum
PP02-3750-01 02-3750-01 Piston, Inner, PTFE, Aluminum
PP02-3751-01 02-3751-01 Piston, Inner, PTFE, P1, Aluminum
PP02-3800-09 02-3800-09 Shaft, D-Dent, Non-PTFE, M2
PP02-3800-09-07 02-3800-09-07 Shaft, Straight, Non-PTFE, T2
PP02-3810-09 02-3810-09 Shaft, Pro-Flo, Non-PTFE, P2
PP02-3820-09 02-3820-09 Shaft, D-Dent, PTFE, M2
PP02-3820-09-07 02-3820-09-07 Shaft, Straight, PTFE, T2
PP02-3840-09 02-3840-09 Shaft, Pro-Flo, PTFE, P2
PP02-4550-03 02-4550-03 Piston, Outer, Non-PTFE, Stainless
PP02-4550-20-500 02-4550-20-500 Piston, Outer, Non-PTFE, Poly
PP02-4550-21-500 02-4550-21-500 Piston, Outer, Non-PTFE, PVDF
PP02-4600-03 02-4600-03 Piston, Outer, PTFE, Stainless
PP02-4600-20-500 02-4600-20-500 Piston, Outer, PTFE, Poly
PP02-4600-21-500 02-4600-21-500 Piston, Outer, PTFE, PVDF
PP02-9500-99 02-9500-99 Kit, Expanded PTFE, 1/4" T/0
PP04-1010-51 04-1010-51 Diaphragm, Neoprene
PP04-1010-52 04-1010-52 Diaphragm, Buna
PP04-1010-53 04-1010-53 Diaphragm, Viton
PP04-1010-54 04-1010-54 Diaphragm, EPDM
PP04-1010-55 04-1010-55 Diaphragm, PTFE
PP04-1010-56 04-1010-56 Diaphragm, Hytrel
PP04-1010-58 04-1010-58 Diaphragm, Santoprene
PP04-1060-56 04-1060-56 Diaphragm, Hytrel Backup
PP04-1080-51 04-1080-51 Valve Ball, Neoprene
PP04-1080-52 04-1080-52 Valve Ball, Buna
PP04-1080-53 04-1080-53 Valve Ball, Viton
PP04-1080-54 04-1080-54 Valve Ball, EPDM
PP04-1080-55 04-1080-55 Valve Ball, PTFE
PP04-1080-56 04-1080-56 Valve Ball, Hytrel
PP04-1080-58 04-1080-58 Valve Ball, Santoprene
PP04-1120-20-500 04-1120-20-500 Valve Seat, Polypropylene
PP04-1120-21-500 04-1120-21-500 Valve Seat, PVDF
PP04-1120-51 04-1120-51 Valve Seat, Neoprene
PP04-1120-52 04-1120-52 Valve Seat, Buna
PP04-1120-53 04-1120-53 Valve Seat, Viton
PP04-1120-54 04-1120-54 Valve Seat, EPDM
PP04-1120-56 04-1120-56 Valve Seat, Hytrel
PP04-1120-58 04-1120-58 Valve Seat, Santoprene
PP04-1121-01 04-1121-01 Valve Seat, Aluminum
PP04-1121-03 04-1121-03 Valve Seat, Stainless Steel
PP04-1121-08 04-1121-08 Valve Seat, Carbon Steel
PP04-1200-52-500 04-1200-52-500 Valve Seat O-Ring, Buna
PP04-1200-55 04-1200-55 Valve Seat O-Ring, PTFE
PP04-1200-60-500 04-1200-60-500 Valve Seat O-Ring, PTFE/Viton
PP04-1300-52-500 04-1300-52-500 Manifold O-Ring, Buna
PP04-1300-60-500 04-1300-60-500 Manifold O-Ring, PTFE/Viton
PP04-1325-52 04-1325-52 Gasket, Bolted, T-Section, Buna
PP04-1325-55 04-1325-55 Gasket, Bolted, T-Section, PTFE
PP04-2000-07 04-2000-07 Air Valve, Brass, M4/T4
PP04-2250-11 04-2250-11 Piston, Air Valve, Aluminum
PP04-2300-23 04-2300-23 End Cap W/Guide
PP04-2330-23 04-2330-23 End Cap W/O Guide
PP04-2390-52 04-2390-52 End Cap O-Ring, Buna
PP04-2390-52-700 04-2390-52-700 Top Retainer O-Ring, Buna
PP04-2500-03 04-2500-03 Screen, Air Valve, Stainless
PP04-2500-07 04-2500-07 Screen, Air Valve, Brass
PP04-2600-52 04-2600-52 Gasket, Air Valve, Buna
PP04-2600-55 04-2600-55 Gasket, Air Valve, PTFE
PP04-2604-52 04-2604-52 Gasket, Air Valve, Buna, W4
PP04-2605-52 04-2605-52 Gasket, Air Valve, Buna, W4
PP04-2650-03 04-2650-03 Retaining Ring, Air Valve, Stainless
PP04-2850-01 04-2850-01 Oil Bottle
PP04-2900-99 04-2900-99 Capillary Rod Assembly
PP04-3500-52 04-3500-52 Gasket, Muffler Plate, Buna
PP04-3500-52-700 04-3500-52-700 Gasket, Muffler Plate, Buna, P4
PP04-3500-55 04-3500-55 Gasket, Muffler Plate, PTFE
PP04-3510-99 04-3510-99 Muffler, 3/4"
PP04-3520-30 04-3520-30 Center Block Gasket, Fiber
PP04-3520-52 04-3520-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna
PP04-3521-52 04-3521-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, W4
PP04-3522-52 04-3522-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, W4 Sub
PP04-3524-52 04-3524-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, W4, SS
PP04-3525-52 04-3525-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, P4
PP04-3526-52 04-3526-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, P4/P8
PP04-3527-52 04-3527-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, W4
PP04-3700-01-700 04-3700-01-700 Piston, Inner, Non-PTFE, Aluminum, P4
PP04-3700-08 04-3700-08 Piston, Inner, Non-PTFE, Alloy, M4/T4
PP04-3750-01 04-3750-01 Piston, Inner, PTFE, Aluminum, M4/T4
PP04-3750-01-700 04-3750-01-700 Piston, Inner, PTFE, Aluminum, P4
PP04-3800-09 04-3800-09 Shaft, D-Dent, Non-PTFE, M4
PP04-3800-09-07 04-3800-09-07 Shaft, Straight, Non-PTFE, T4
PP04-3800-09-700 04-3800-09-700 Shaft, Pro-Flo, Non-PTFE, P4
PP04-3820-09 04-3820-09 Shaft, D-Dent, PTFE, M4
PP04-3820-09-07 04-3820-09-07 Shaft, Straight, PTFE, T4
PP04-3820-09-700 04-3820-09-700 Shaft, Pro-Flo, PTFE, P4
PP04-4550-03 04-4550-03 Piston, Outer, Non-PTFE, Stainless
PP04-4550-04 04-4550-04 Piston, Outer, Non-PTFE, Hastelloy
PP04-4552-01 04-4552-01 Piston, Outer, Non-PTFE, Aluminum
PP04-4600-01 04-4600-01 Piston, Outer, PTFE, Aluminum
PP04-4600-03 04-4600-03 Piston, Outer, PTFE, Stainless
PP04-4600-04 04-4600-04 Piston, Outer, PTFE, Hastelloy
PP04-6050-08 04-6050-08 Small Clamp Bolt
PP04-6070-03 04-6070-03 Large Clamp Bolt, SS
PP04-6070-08 04-6070-08 Large Clamp Bolt
PP04-6150-08 04-6150-08 Shaft Stud
PP04-6400-03 04-6400-03 Hex Nut
PP04-6400-08 04-6400-08 Air Chamber Nut
PP04-6420-08 04-6420-08 Large Band Nut
PP04-6950-07 04-6950-07 Pipe Reducer Bushing, Brass
PP04-7100-03 04-7100-03 Clamp Band, Small, Stainless
PP04-7100-08 04-7100-08 Clamp Band, Small, Alloy
PP04-7300-03 04-7300-03 Clamp Band, Large, Stainless
PP04-7300-08 04-7300-08 Clamp Band, Large, Alloy
PP04-9502-99 04-9502-99 Kit, Expanded PTFE, 1/2" T/O
PP08-1010-51 08-1010-51 Diaphragm, Neoprene
PP08-1010-52 08-1010-52 Diaphragm, Buna
PP08-1010-53 08-1010-53 Diaphragm, Viton
PP08-1010-54 08-1010-54 Diaphragm, EPDM
PP08-1010-55 08-1010-55 Diaphragm, PTFE
PP08-1010-56 08-1010-56 Diaphragm, Hytrel
PP08-1010-58 08-1010-58 Diaphragm, Santoprene
PP08-1060-56 08-1060-56 Diaphragm, Hytrel Backup
PP08-1080-51 08-1080-51 Valve Ball, Neoprene
PP08-1080-52 08-1080-52 Valve Ball, Buna
PP08-1080-53 08-1080-53 Valve Ball, Viton
PP08-1080-54 08-1080-54 Valve Ball, EPDM
PP08-1080-55 08-1080-55 Valve Ball, PTFE
PP08-1080-56 08-1080-56 Valve Ball, Hytrel
PP08-1080-58 08-1080-58 Valve Ball, Santoprene
PP08-1120-20-500 08-1120-20-500 Valve Seat, Polypropylene
PP08-1120-21-500 08-1120-21-500 Valve Seat, PVDF
PP08-1120-51 08-1120-51 Valve Seat, Neoprene
PP08-1120-52 08-1120-52 Valve Seat, Buna
PP08-1120-53 08-1120-53 Valve Seat, Viton
PP08-1120-54 08-1120-54 Valve Seat, EPDM
PP08-1120-56 08-1120-56 Valve Seat, Hytrel
PP08-1120-58 08-1120-58 Valve Seat, Santoprene
PP08-1121-01 08-1121-01 Valve Seat, Aluminum
PP08-1121-03 08-1121-03 Valve Seat, Stainless Steel
PP08-1121-08 08-1121-08 Valve Seat, Carbon Steel
PP08-1200-52-500 08-1200-52-500 Valve Seat O-Ring, Buna
PP08-1200-55 08-1200-55 Valve Seat O-Ring, PTFE
PP08-1200-59-500 08-1200-59-500 Valve Seat O-Ring, PTFE/Silicone, Champ
PP08-1200-60-500 08-1200-60-500 Valve Seat O-Ring, PTFE/Viton, Champ
PP08-1300-52-500 08-1300-52-500 Manifold O-Ring, Buna, Champ
PP08-1300-60-500 08-1300-60-500 Manifold O-Ring, PTFE/Viton, Champ
PP08-1450-51 08-1450-51 Ball, Check, Neoprene
PP08-2000-07 08-2000-07 Air Valve, Brass, M8/T8
PP08-2050-07 08-2050-07 Air Valve, Brass, Threaded for Oil Bottle
PP08-2080-07 08-2080-07 Air Valve, Brass, with Oil Bottle
PP08-2250-11 08-2250-11 Piston, Air Valve, Aluminum
PP08-2300-23 08-2300-23 End Cap W/Guide
PP08-2330-23 08-2330-23 End Cap W/O Guide
PP08-2390-52 08-2390-52 End Cap O-Ring, Buna
PP08-2500-03 08-2500-03 Screen, Air Valve, Stainless
PP08-2500-07 08-2500-07 Screen, Air Valve, Brass
PP08-2600-52 08-2600-52 Gasket, Air Valve, Buna
PP08-2604-52 08-2604-52 Gasket, Air Valve, Buna, W8
PP08-2605-52 08-2605-52 Gasket, Air Valve, Buna, W8
PP08-2650-03 08-2650-03 Retaining Ring, Air Valve, Stainless
PP08-2850-01 08-2850-01 Oil Bottle
PP08-2900-99 08-2900-99 Capillary Rod Assembly
PP08-3200-52 08-3200-52 Center Block O-Ring, Buna
PP08-3210-55-225 08-3210-55-225 Glyd Ring
PP08-3300-07 08-3300-07 Bushing, Press Fit, Brass, M8
PP08-3510-99 08-3510-99 Muffler, 3/4"
PP08-3520-30 08-3520-30 Center Block Gasket, Fiber
PP08-3520-52 08-3520-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna
PP08-3521-52 08-3521-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, W8
PP08-3522-52 08-3522-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, W8 Sub
PP08-3524-52 08-3524-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, W8 SS
PP08-3527-52 08-3527-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, W8
PP08-3700-01 08-3700-01 Piston, Inner, Non-PTFE, Aluminum
PP08-3750-01 08-3750-01 Piston, Inner, PTFE, Aluminum
PP08-3800-09 08-3800-09 Shaft, D-Dent, Non-PTFE, M8
PP08-3800-09-07 08-3800-09-07 Shaft, Straight, Non-PTFE, T8
PP08-3810-09 08-3810-09 Shaft, Pro-Flo, Non-PTFE, P8
PP08-3820-09 08-3820-09 Shaft, D-Dent, PTFE, M8
PP08-3820-09-07 08-3820-09-07 Shaft, Straight, PTFE, T8
PP08-3840-09 08-3840-09 Shaft, Pro-Flo, PTFE, P8
PP08-4550-01 08-4550-01 Piston, Outer, Non-PTFE, Aluminum
PP08-4550-02 08-4550-02 Piston, Outer, Non-PTFE, Cast Iron
PP08-4550-03 08-4550-03 Piston, Outer, Non-PTFE, Stainless
PP08-4550-04 08-4550-04 Piston, Outer, Non-PTFE, Hastelloy
PP08-4600-01 08-4600-01 Piston, Outer, PTFE, Aluminum
PP08-4600-03 08-4600-03 Piston, Outer, PTFE, Stainless
PP08-4600-04 08-4600-04 Piston, Outer, PTFE, Hastelloy
PP08-6000-03 08-6000-03 Bolt, Valve Body, Stainless Steel
PP08-6000-08 08-6000-08 Bolt, Valve Body
PP08-6050-03 08-6050-03 Bolt, Small Carriage
PP08-6050-08 08-6050-08 Bolt, Small Carriage
PP08-6120-03 08-6120-03 Bolt, Large Carriage
PP08-6120-08 08-6120-08 Bolt, Large Carriage
PP08-6150-08 08-6150-08 Shaft Stud
PP08-6200-03 08-6200-03 Bolt, Air Chamber
PP08-6200-08 08-6200-08 Bolt, Air Chamber
PP08-6400-03 08-6400-03 Small Band Nut, SS
PP08-6420-08 08-6420-08 Hex Nut, Small
PP08-6450-03 08-6450-03 Hex Nut, Large, SS
PP08-6450-08 08-6450-08 Hex Nut, Large
PP08-6550-08 08-6550-08 Cone Nut, Air Chamber
PP08-6950-07 08-6950-07 Pipe Reducer Bushing, Brass
PP08-7100-03 08-7100-03 Clamp Band, Small, Stainless
PP08-7100-08 08-7100-08 Clamp Band, Small, Alloy
PP08-7300-03 08-7300-03 Clamp Band, Large, Stainless
PP08-7300-08 08-7300-08 Clamp Band, Large, Alloy
PP08-9502-99 08-9502-99 Kit, Expanded PTFE, 1/4" T/0
PP15-1010-51 15-1010-51 Diaphragm, Neoprene
PP15-1010-52 15-1010-52 Diaphragm, Buna
PP15-1010-53 15-1010-53 Diaphragm, Viton
PP15-1010-54 15-1010-54 Diaphragm, EPDM
PP15-1010-55 15-1010-55 Diaphragm, PTFE
PP15-1010-56 15-1010-56 Diaphragm, Hytrel
PP15-1010-58 15-1010-58 Diaphragm, Santoprene
PP15-1060-56 15-1060-56 Diaphragm, Hytrel Backup
PP15-1080-51 15-1080-51 Valve Ball, Neoprene
PP15-1080-52 15-1080-52 Valve Ball, Buna
PP15-1080-53 15-1080-53 Valve Ball, Viton
PP15-1080-54 15-1080-54 Valve Ball, EPDM
PP15-1080-55 15-1080-55 Valve Ball, PTFE
PP15-1080-56 15-1080-56 Valve Ball, Hytrel
PP15-1080-58 15-1080-58 Valve Ball, Santoprene
PP15-1120-51 15-1120-51 Valve Seat, Neoprene
PP15-1120-52 15-1120-52 Valve Seat, Buna
PP15-1120-53 15-1120-53 Valve Seat, Viton
PP15-1120-54 15-1120-54 Valve Seat, EPDM
PP15-1120-56 15-1120-56 Valve Seat, Hytrel
PP15-1120-58 15-1120-58 Valve Seat, Santoprene
PP15-1121-01 15-1121-01 Valve Seat, Aluminum
PP15-1121-03 15-1121-03 Valve Seat, Stainless Steel
PP15-1121-08 15-1121-08 Valve Seat, Carbon Steel
PP15-1200-55 15-1200-55 Valve Seat O-Ring, PTFE
PP15-1205-60 15-1205-60 Valve Seat O-Ring, PTFE/Viton
PP15-1300-60 15-1300-60 Manifold O-Ring, PTFE/Viton
PP15-1325-52 15-1325-52 Gasket, T-Section, Buna
PP15-1325-54 15-1325-54 Gasket, T-Section, EPDM
PP15-1325-55 15-1325-55 Gasket, T-Section, PTFE
PP15-2000-07 15-2000-07 Air Valve, Brass, M15/T15
PP15-2050-07 15-2050-07 Air Valve, Brass, Threaded for Oil Bottle
PP15-2080-07 15-2080-07 Air Valve, Brass, with Oil Bottle
PP15-2250-11 15-2250-11 Piston, Air Valve, Aluminum
PP15-2300-23 15-2300-23 End Cap, W/Guide
PP15-2330-23 15-2330-23 End Cap W/O Guide
PP15-2390-52 15-2390-52 End Cap O-Ring, Buna
PP15-2600-30 15-2600-30 Gasket, Air Valve, Fiber
PP15-2600-52 15-2600-52 Gasket, Air Valve, Buna
PP15-2650-03 15-2650-03 Retaining Ring, Air Valve, Stainless
PP15-2850-01 15-2850-01 Oil Bottle
PP15-2900-99 15-2900-99 Capillary Rod Assembly
PP15-3200-52 15-3200-52 Center Block O-Ring, Buna
PP15-3210-55-225 15-3210-55-225 Glyd Ring
PP15-3300-07 15-3300-07 Bushing, Press Fit, Brass, M15
PP15-3510-99 15-3510-99 Muffler, 1" NPT
PP15-3520-30 15-3520-30 Center Block Gasket, Fiber
PP15-3520-52 15-3520-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna
PP15-3521-52 15-3521-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, W15
PP15-3522-52 15-3522-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, W15 Sub
PP15-3523-52 15-3523-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, W15 Plastic
PP15-3524-52 15-3524-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, W15 SS
PP15-3525-52 15-3525-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, P15
PP15-3527-52 15-3527-52 Center Block Gasket, Buna, W15
PP15-3550-01 15-3550-01 Check Body, Aluminum
PP15-3700-01 15-3700-01 Piston, Inner, Non-PTFE, Aluminum
PP15-3800-09 15-3800-09 Shaft, D-Dent, Combo, M15
PP15-3800-09-07 15-3800-09-07 Shaft, Straight, Combo, T15
PP15-4550-01 15-4550-01 Piston, Outer, Non-PTFE, Aluminum
PP15-4550-02 15-4550-02 Piston, Outer, Non-PTFE, Cast Iron
PP15-4550-03 15-4550-03 Piston, Outer, Non-PTFE, Stainless
PP15-4600-03 15-4600-03 Piston, Outer, PTFE, Stainless
PP15-6050-08 15-6050-08 Carriage Bolt
PP15-6120-03 15-6120-03 Large Clamp Band Bolt, SS
PP15-6120-08 15-6120-08 Large Clamp Band Bolt, Alloy Steel
PP15-6200-08 15-6200-08 Air Chamber Bolt
PP15-6420-03 15-6420-03 Large Clamp Band, Nut, SS
PP15-6420-08 15-6420-08 Large Clamp Band Nut, Alloy Steel
PP15-6850-08 15-6850-08 Washer
PP15-7100-03 15-7100-03 Clamp Band, Small, SS
PP15-7100-08 15-7100-08 Clamp Band, Small, Alloy
PP15-7300-03 15-7300-03 Clamp Band, Large, SS
PP15-7300-08 15-7300-08 Clamp Band, Large, Alloy
PP15-9502-99 15-9502-99 Kit, Expanded PTFE, 1/2" T/O

Réf. PUMPER PARTS Réf. Origine Désignation

PPY145-25 Y145-25 Ring
PPY145-26 Y145-26 Ring
PPY147-16-C Y147-16-C Retaining Ring
PPY154-41 Y154-41 Screw, Cap
PPY186-51 Y186-51 U Cup
PPY212-101 Y212-101 Screw
PPY220-230 Y220-230 O-Ring
PPY325-11 Y325-11 O-Ring
PPY325-111 Y325-111 O-Ring
PPY325-112 Y325-112 O-Ring
PPY325-114 Y325-114 O-Ring
PPY325-117 Y325-117 O-Ring
PPY325-118 Y325-118 O-Ring
PPY325-119 Y325-119 O-Ring
PPY325-120 Y325-120 O-Ring
PPY325-122 Y325-122 O-Ring
PPY325-125 Y325-125 O-Ring
PPY325-126 Y325-126 O-Ring
PPY325-135 Y325-135 O-Ring
PPY325-14 Y325-14 O-Ring
PPY325-156 Y325-156 O-Ring
PPY325-16 Y325-16 O-Ring
PPY325-18 Y325-18 O-Ring
PPY325-20 Y325-20 O-Ring
PPY325-202 Y325-202 O-Ring
PPY325-206 Y325-206 O-Ring
PPY325-208 Y325-208 O-Ring
PPY325-210 Y325-210 O-Ring
PPY325-214 Y325-214 O-Ring
PPY325-22 Y325-22 O-Ring
PPY325-220 Y325-220 O-Ring
PPY325-223 Y325-223 O-Ring
PPY325-225 Y325-225 O-Ring
PPY325-23 Y325-23 O-Ring
PPY325-230 Y325-230 O-Ring
PPY325-237 Y325-237 O-Ring
PPY325-24 Y325-24 O-Ring
PPY325-240 Y325-240 O-Ring
PPY325-26 Y325-26 O-Ring
PPY325-31 Y325-31 O-Ring
PPY325-332 Y325-332 O-Ring
PPY325-333 Y325-333 O-Ring
PPY325-350 Y325-350 O-Ring
PPY325-4 Y325-4 O-Ring
PPY325-8 Y325-8 O-Ring
PPY327-110 Y327-110 O-Ring
PPY327-119 Y327-119 O-Ring
PPY327-120 Y327-120 O-Ring
PPY327-122 Y327-122 O-Ring
PPY327-126 Y327-126 O-Ring
PPY327-14 Y327-14 O-Ring
PPY327-156 Y327-156 O-Ring
PPY327-16 Y327-16 O-Ring
PPY327-20 Y327-20 O-Ring
PPY327-214 Y327-214 O-Ring
PPY327-220 Y327-220 O-Ring
PPY327-225 Y327-225 O-Ring
PPY327-230 Y327-230 O-Ring
PPY327-24 Y327-24 O-Ring
PPY327-240 Y327-240 O-Ring
PPY328-112 Y328-112 O-Ring
PPY328-119 Y328-119 O-Ring
PPY328-120 Y328-120 O-Ring
PPY328-126 Y328-126 O-Ring
PPY328-14 Y328-14 O-Ring
PPY328-16 Y328-16 O-Ring
PPY328-208 Y328-208 O-Ring
PPY328-210 Y328-210 O-Ring
PPY328-220 Y328-220 O-Ring
PPY328-237 Y328-237 O-Ring
PPY328-350 Y328-350 O-Ring
PPY330-110 Y330-110 O-Ring
PPY330-113 Y330-113 O-Ring
PPY330-117 Y330-117 O-Ring
PP15066 15066 O-Ring
PP637118-C 637118-C Air Section Kit
PP637119-EB-C 637119-EB-C Fluid Section Kit
PP637119-11-C 637119-11-C Fluid Section Kit
PP637119-22-C 637119-22-C Fluid Section Kit
PP637119-33-C 637119-33-C Fluid Section Kit
PP637119-34-C 637119-34-C Fluid Section Kit
PP637119-39-C 637119-39-C Fluid Section Kit
PP637119-4B-C 637119-4B-C Fluid Section Kit
PP637119-41-C 637119-41-C Fluid Section Kit
PP637119-43-C 637119-43-C Fluid Section Kit
PP637119-44-C 637119-44-C Fluid Section Kit
PP637119-61-C 637119-61-C Fluid Section Kit
PP637119-62-C 637119-62-C Fluid Section Kit
PP637119-81-C 637119-81-C Fluid Section Kit
PP637119-82-C 637119-82-C Fluid Section Kit
PP637119-84-C 637119-84-C Fluid Section Kit
PP637119-89-C 637119-89-C Fluid Section Kit
PP637124-EB 637124-EB Fluid Section Kit
PP637124-22 637124-22 Fluid Section Kit
PP637124-4B 637124-4B Fluid Section Kit
PP637124-43 637124-43 Fluid Section Kit
PP637124-44 637124-44 Fluid Section Kit
PP637124-61 637124-61 Fluid Section Kit
PP637124-62 637124-62 Fluid Section Kit
PP637124-81 637124-81 Fluid Section Kit
PP637124-82 637124-82 Fluid Section Kit
PP637124-83 637124-83 Fluid Section Kit
PP637124-84 637124-84 Fluid Section Kit
PP637124-89 637124-89 Fluid Section Kit
PP637140-A1 637140-A1 Fluid Section Kit
PP637140-A2 637140-A2 Fluid Section Kit
PP637140-A3 637140-A3 Fluid Section Kit
PP637140-A4 637140-A4 Fluid Section Kit
PP637140-A8 637140-A8 Fluid Section Kit
PP637140-AA 637140-AA Fluid Section Kit
PP637140-AB 637140-AB Fluid Section Kit
PP637140-EB 637140-EB Fluid Section Kit
PP637140-GG 637140-GG Fluid Section Kit
PP637140-11 637140-11 Fluid Section Kit
PP637140-22 637140-22 Fluid Section Kit
PP637140-33 637140-33 Fluid Section Kit
PP637140-34 637140-34 Fluid Section Kit
PP637140-4B 637140-4B Fluid Section Kit
PP637140-43 637140-43 Fluid Section Kit
PP637140-44 637140-44 Fluid Section Kit
PP637140-88 637140-88 Fluid Section Kit
PP637141 637141 Air Section Kit
PP637161-EB-C 637161-EB-C Fluid Section Kit
PP637161-11-C 637161-11-C Fluid Section Kit
PP637161-22-C 637161-22-C Fluid Section Kit
PP637161-33-C 637161-33-C Fluid Section Kit
PP637161-34-C 637161-34-C Fluid Section Kit
PP637161-4B-C 637161-4B-C Fluid Section Kit
PP637161-41-C 637161-41-C Fluid Section Kit
PP637161-43-C 637161-43-C Fluid Section Kit
PP637161-44-C 637161-44-C Fluid Section Kit
PP637161-49-C 637161-49-C Fluid Section Kit
PP637161-89-C 637161-89-C Fluid Section Kit
PP637165-EB 637165-EB Fluid Section Kit
PP637165-11 637165-11 Fluid Section Kit
PP637165-22 637165-22 Fluid Section Kit
PP637165-33 637165-33 Fluid Section Kit
PP637165-34 637165-34 Fluid Section Kit
PP637165-43 637165-43 Fluid Section Kit
PP637165-44 637165-44 Fluid Section Kit
PP637165-49 637165-49 Fluid Section Kit
PP637165-89 637165-89 Fluid Section Kit
PP637175 637175 Key Lube Kit (10pk)
PP637302 637302 Air Section Kit
PP637303-AA 637303-AA Fluid Section Kit
PP637303-GG 637303-GG Fluid Section Kit
PP637303-TT 637303-TT Fluid Section Kit
PP637308 637308 Grease Kit - Lubriplate (10pk)
PP637309-AA 637309-AA Fluid Section Kit
PP637309-GG 637309-GG Fluid Section Kit
PP637309-TA 637309-TA Fluid Section Kit
PP637309-TT 637309-TT Fluid Section Kit
PP67164 67164 Piston, Pilot Asm
PP77802 77802 Snap Ring
PP90532-A 90532-A Ball, Santoprene
PP90532-1 90532-1 Ball, Neoprene
PP90532-2 90532-2 Ball, Buna-N
PP90532-3 90532-3 Ball, Viton
PP90532-4 90532-4 Ball, Teflon
PP90532-5 90532-5 Ball, EPR
PP90532-6 90532-6 Ball, Act
PP90532-8 90532-8 Ball, Urethane
PP90533-B 90533-B Diaphragm, San
PP90533-1 90533-1 Diaphragm, Neo
PP90533-2 90533-2 Diaphragm, Buna-N
PP90533-3 90533-3 Diaphragm, Viton
PP90533-5 90533-5 Diaphragm, EPR
PP90533-9 90533-9 Diaphragm, Hyt
PP90534 90534 O-Ring
PP90948 90948 Stainless Steel Ball
PP92004 92004 Gasket
PP92755-B 92755-B Santoprene Diaphragm
PP92755-1 92755-1 Diaphragm, Neo
PP92755-2 92755-2 Geolast Diaphragm
PP92755-3 92755-3 Diaphragm, Viton
PP92755-5 92755-5 Diaphragm, EPR
PP92755-9 92755-9 Hytrel Diaphragm
PP92757-A 92757-A Ball, Santoprene
PP92757-2 92757-2 Ball, Buna-N
PP92757-3 92757-3 Ball, Viton
PP92757-4 92757-4 Ball, Teflon
PP92757-6 92757-6 Ball, Act
PP92757-8 92757-8 Ball, PP
PP92761 92761 O-Ring
PP92878 92878 Gasket
PP92924 92924 Seat, PP
PP92926 92926 Seat, PP
PP92941 92941 Seat, Kynar
PP92942 92942 Seat, Kynar
PP92957 92957 O-Ring
PP92958 92958 O-Ring
PP92959 92959 O-Ring
PP92961 92961 O-Ring
PP92962 92962 O-Ring
PP92973-B 92973-B Diaphragm, Back-up
PP93065 93065 Washer
PP93075 93075 O-Ring
PP93084 93084 Rod, Diaphragm
PP93098-1 93098-1 Seat, PP
PP93098-3 93098-3 Seat, Act
PP93098-4 93098-4 Seat, Kynar
PP93100-E 93100-E Ball, Santoprene
PP93100-1 93100-1 Ball, Neoprene
PP93100-2 93100-2 Ball, Buna-N
PP93100-3 93100-3 Ball, Viton
PP93100-4 93100-4 Ball, Teflon
PP93100-5 93100-5 Ball, EPR
PP93100-8 93100-8 Ball, Urethane
PP93107 93107 Gasket
PP93111 93111 Diaphragm, Tef
PP93112 93112 Dia, Back-up, Ure
PP93113 93113 Diaphragm, Neo
PP93114-1 93114-1 Duckbill, Neoprene
PP93114-2 93114-2 Duckbill, Buna-N
PP93116 93116 Packing
PP93117 93117 O-Ring
PP93118 93118 O-Ring
PP93119 93119 O-Ring
PP93131 93131 O-Ring
PP93204 93204 O-Ring
PP93245-1 93245-1 Seat, PP
PP93265 93265 O-Ring
PP93275 93275 Plate, Valve
PP93276 93276 Insert, Valve
PP93278-A 93278-A Ball, Santoprene
PP93278-1 93278-1 Ball, Neoprene
PP93278-2 93278-2 Ball, Buna-N
PP93278-3 93278-3 Ball, Viton
PP93278-4 93278-4 Ball, Teflon
PP93278-5 93278-5 Ball, EPR
PP93278-8 93278-8 Ball, Urethane
PP93279 93279 O-Ring
PP93280 93280 O-Ring
PP93281 93281 O-Ring
PP93282 93282 O-Ring
PP93339-1 93339-1 Gasket
PP93358-A 93358-A Ball, Santoprene
PP93358-G 93358-G Ball, Geolast
PP93358-1 93358-1 Ball, Neoprene
PP93358-2 93358-2 Ball, Buna-N
PP93358-3 93358-3 Ball, Viton
PP93358-4 93358-4 Ball, Teflon
PP93358-5 93358-5 Ball, EPR
PP93358-8 93358-8 Ball, Urethane
PP93362-1 93362-1 O-Ring
PP93363-1 93363-1 O-Ring
PP93364-1 93364-1 O-Ring
PP93374-B 93374-B Back-up Diaphragm, Santo
PP93410-1 93410-1 Ball, SS
PP93415-4 93415-4 Teflon Diaphragm
PP93459-4 93459-4 Diaphragm, Tef
PP93465 93465 Diaphragm, San
PP93465-G 93465-G Diaphragm, Geolast
PP93581-3 93581-3 Diaphragm, Viton
PP93582-2 93582-2 Diaphragm, Buna-N
PP93761 93761 O-Ring
PP93762 93762 O-Ring
PP93763 93763 O-Ring
PP93823 93823 O-Ring
PP93876 93876 O-Ring
PP93878 93878 O-Ring
PP94026 94026 Gasket
PP94090-T 94090-T Diaphragm, Tef
PP94091-A 94091-A Diaphragm, San
PP94091-G 94091-G Diaphragm, Geo
PP94093 94093 Rod, Diaphragm
PP94098 94098 Washer
PP94099 94099 Gasket
PP94100 94100 Gasket
PP94102 94102 Diaphragm Check
PP94103-A 94103-A Ball, Santoprene
PP94103-G 94103-G Ball, Geolast
PP94103-T 94103-T Ball, Teflon
PP94104-A 94104-A Seat, San
PP94104-G 94104-G Seat, Geolast
PP94110-A 94110-A Dia, Back-up, San
PP94115 94115 O-Ring
PP94328-A 94328-A Seat, San
PP94328-G 94328-G Seat, Geolast
PP94329-A 94329-A Diaphragm, San
PP94329-G 94329-G Diaphragm, Geo
PP94330-A 94330-A Diaphragm, Back-up
PP94355-T 94355-T Diaphragm, Tef
PP94356 94356 O-Ring, EPR
PP94358 94358 Rod, Diaphragm
PP94395 94395 Fld Cap, Flap Vlv, CI
PP94615-A 94615-A Diaphragm, San
PP94615-G 94615-G Diaphragm, Buna-N
PP94615-9 94615-9 Diaphragm, Hyt
PP94616 94616 Dia, Back-up
PP94617 94617 Diaphragm, Tef
PP94820 94820 O-Ring
PP98720-1 98720-1 Rod, Diaphragm
PP98724-1 98724-1 Rod, Diaphragm

Réf. PUMPER PARTS Réf. Origine Désignation

PP640005 640005 O-Ring 7.5MM X 2.0MM B70
PP640017 640017 O-Ring 19.6MM X 2.4MM B70
PP640018 640018 O-Ring 20.5MM X 2.4MM B70
PP640025 640025 O-Ring 26MM X 3.5MM B70
PP640027 640027 O-Ring 28MM X 3.5MM B70
PP640033 640033 O-Ring 33.5MM X 3.55Mm B70
PP640036 640036 O-Ring 35.5MM X 3.55MM B70
PP640042 640042 O-Ring 43.7MM X 3.55MM B70
PP640044 640044 O-Ring 46MM X 3.5MM B70
PP640064 640064 O-Ring 84.3MM X 5.7MM B70
PP640069 640069 O-Ring 104.3MM X 5.7MM B70
PP640080 640080 O-Ring 149.3MM X 5.7MM B70
PP640130 640130 O-Ring 24.5MM X 3MM B70
PP640132 640132 O-Ring 34.5MM X 3MM B70
PP640134 640134 O-Ring 44.5 MM X 3MM B70
PP640139 640139 O-Ring 69MM X 3MM B70
PP642033 642033 O-Ring 33.5MM X 3.55MM V75
PP642036 642036 O-Ring 35.5 MM X 3.55MM V75
PP642042 642042 O-Ring 43.7MM X 3.55MM V75
PP642044 642044 O-Ring 46MM X 3.5MM V75
PP642064 642064 O-Ring 84.3MM X 5.7MM V75
PP642069 642069 O-Ring 104.3MM X 5.7MM V75
PP642080 642080 O-Ring 149.3MM X 5.7MM V75
PP642132 642132 O-Ring 34.5MM X 3MM V75
PP642134 642134 O-Ring 44.5 MM X 3MM V75
PP643003 643003 O-Ring 5.8MM X 1.9MM PTFE
PP643005 643005 O-Ring 7.8MM X 1.9MM PTFE
PP643007 643007 O-Ring 9.8MM X 1.9MM PTFE
PP643013 643013 O-Ring 13.8MM X 2.4MM PTFE
PP643015 643015 O-Ring 15.8MM X 2.4MM PTFE
PP643017 643017 O-Ring 19.8MM X 2.4MM PTFE
PP643018 643018 O-Ring 20.8MM X 2.4MM PTFE
PP643025 643025 O-Ring 25.7MM X 3.5MM PTFE
PP643027 643027 O-Ring 28.2MM X 3.5MM PTFE
PP643033 643033 O-Ring 33.7MM X 3.5MM PTFE
PP643036 643036 O-Ring 35.7MM X 3.5MM PTFE
PP643041 643041 O-Ring 41.7MM X 3.5MM PTFE
PP643042 643042 O-Ring 43.7MM X 3.5MM PTFE
PP643044 643044 O-Ring 45.7MM X 3.5MM PTFE
PP643064 643064 O-Ring 84.6MM X 5.7MM PTFE
PP643065 643065 O-Ring 89.6MM X 5.7MM PTFE
PP643069 643069 O-Ring 103MM X 6MM PTFE
PP643078 643078 O-Ring 139.6MM X 5.7MM PTFE
PP643080 643080 O-Ring 149.6MM X 5.7MM PTFE
PP643130 643130 O-Ring 24.4MM X 3.1MM PTFE
PP643145 643145 O-Ring 99.4MM X 3.1MM PTFE
PP643151 643151 O-Ring 129.4MM X 3.1 MM PTFE
PP643167 643167 O-Ring 219.3MM X 5.7MM PTFE
PP683058 683058 O-ring 10, 20F TFS – 13.5MMx2.4MM
PP683996 683996 O-Ring 44.4MM X 3.1MM E70
PP683997 683997 O-Ring 45.7MM X 3.5MM E70
PP684112 684112 O-Ring 20.8MM X 2.4MM E70
PP684113 684113 O-Ring 24.4Mm X 3.1Mm E70
PP684114 684114 O-Ring 25.7MM X 3.5MM E70
PP684115 684115 O-Ring 28.7MM X 3.5MM E70
PP684116 684116 O-Ring 33.7MM X 3.5MM E70
PP684117 684117 O-Ring 34.4MM X 3.1MM E70
PP684118 684118 O-Ring 35.7MM X 3.5MM E70
PP684119 684119 O-Ring 43.7Mm X 3.5MM E70
PP684121 684121 O-Ring 84.6Mm X 5.7Mm E70
PP684122 684122 O-Ring 104.6Mm X 5.7MM E70
PP684125 684125 O-Ring 159.6MM X 5.7MM E70
PP770550 770550 Ball 40C - 50MM Neoprene
PP770556 770556 Ball 25C - 35MM Neoprene
PP770559 770559 Ball 80C - 90MM Neoprene
PP770581 770581 Ball 25N - 35Mm Buna
PP770584 770584 Ball 40N - 50MM Buna
PP770587 770587 Ball 80N - 90MM Buna
PP770590 770590 Ball 25E - 35MM EPR
PP770593 770593 Ball 40E - 50MM EPR
PP770596 770596 Ball 80E - 90MM EPR
PP770599 770599 Ball 25V - 35MM Viton
PP770602 770602 Ball 40V - 50MM Viton
PP770605 770605 Ball 80V - 90MM Viton
PP770627 770627 Ball 50C - 63MM Neoprene
PP770630 770630 Ball 50N - 63MM Buna
PP770633 770633 Ball 50E - 63MM EPR
PP770636 770636 Ball 50V - 63MM Viton
PP770691 770691 Ball 25T - 35MM PTFE
PP770692 770692 Ball 40T - 50MM PTFE
PP770693 770693 Ball 50T - 63MM PTFE
PP770694 770694 Ball 80T - 90MM PTFE
PP770705 770705 Ball 20C - 27MM Neoprene
PP770720 770720 Ball 20N - 27MM Buna
PP770723 770723 Ball 20E - 27MM EPR
PP770726 770726 Ball 20V - 27MM Viton
PP770736 770736 Ball 20T – 27MM PTFE
PP770805 770805 Diaphragm 20F - PTFE
PP770931 770931 Ball 10T – 16MM PTFE
PP770933 770933 Diaphragm 10, 15T - PTFE
PP770970 770970 Ball 10C - 16MM Neoprene
PP770971 770971 Diaphragm 10C - Neoprene
PP770972 770972 Ball 10N - 16MM Buna
PP770973 770973 Diaphragm 10/15N
PP770975 770975 Valve Seat 10C - Neoprene
PP770976 770976 Valve Seat 10N
PP770983 770983 Valve Seat 10F - PTFE
PP770985 770985 Ball Receiver 10F - PTFE
PP770993 770993 Ball Receiver 20F - PTFE
PP770994 770994 Ball Guide 20F - PTFE
PP770996 770996 Valve Seat 20F Ball - PTFE
PP771003 771003 Valve Seat 25/38F Ball - PTFE
PP771004 771004 Ball Guide 25/38F - PTFE
PP771083 771083 Diaphragm 20T
PP771093 771093 Diaphragm 5T - PTFE
PP771094 771094 Flat Valve 5T
PP771110 771110 Diaphragm 25T - PTFE
PP771116 771116 Guide 5F - PTFE
PP771130 771130 O-Ring 44.2MM X 2.4MM PTFE
PP771131 771131 O-Ring 34.6MM X 2.7MM PTFE
PP771133 771133 O-Ring 15Mm X 1.5MM PTFE
PP771150 771150 Valve Stopper 5F - PTFE
PP771152 771152 Flat Valve 5F - PTFE
PP771153 771153 Valve Seat 5F - PTFE
PP771254 771254 Diaphragm 20C - Neoprene
PP771255 771255 Diaphragm 20N
PP771256 771256 Diaphragm 20E
PP771257 771257 Diaphragm 20V
PP771258 771258 Diaphragm 25C - Neoprene
PP771259 771259 Diaphragm 25N
PP771260 771260 Diaphragm 25E
PP771261 771261 Diaphragm 25V
PP771340 771340 Flat Valve 15T
PP771362 771362 Diaphragm 20H
PP771363 771363 Diaphragm 25H
PP771372 771372 Diaphragm 10/15H
PP771511 771511 Valve Receiver 25/38F - PTFE
PP771512 771512 Valve Guide 25/38F - PTFE
PP771513 771513 Flat Valve 25/38F - PTFE
PP771514 771514 Valve Seat 25/38F Flat - PTFE
PP771524 771524 Ball 15T 22MM PTFE
PP771525 771525 Ball 15N 22MM Buna
PP771526 771526 Ball 15C 22MM Neoprene
PP771537 771537 Valve Seat 20F Flat - PTFE
PP771538 771538 Flat Valve 20F - PTFE
PP771540 771540 Valve Receiver 20F - PTFE
PP771584 771584 Valve Seat 10F - PTFE
PP771585 771585 Valve Guide 10F - PTFE
PP771586 771586 Flat Valve 10F - PTFE
PP771587 771587 Valve Receiver 10F - PTFE
PP771972 771972 Diaphragm 10/15 TPO - Santoprene
PP771973 771973 Diaphragm 20TPO - Santoprene
PP771974 771974 Diaphragm 25TPO - Santoprene
PP771978 771978 Ball 10E 16MM EPR
PP771979 771979 Ball 15E 22MM EPR
PP772063 772063 O-Ring 100 X 6MM PTFE
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